"We all leave footprints in the sand, the question is, will we be a big heal, or a great soul."

- Anonymous

Get to know me

I respect the feelings and perspectives of all, even if I don’t completely understand or align with it, everyone has the right to their journey and their feelings regardless of how we may feel about that. Serious continual effort is poured into my being for a non-judgemental attitude and the practice of unconditional love but let’s face it we don’t always hit that mark but I do my best! I think we should focus more on our strengths and weaknesses vs. how indoctrinated we are with who we think we “should be” based on the opinions of others. I do not like to be told what to do, ever. I think Katherine Johnson is one of the greatest humans of all time. Abraham Lincoln is my hero. Animals are equal to people. I think we need to stop being seekers and acknowledge that we already know.

My life all in all has been mild compared to others I’m sure but I have definitely had trials and tribulations like we all do but I have learned to look back on them with fondness vs. staying angry and victimy. What I know now is my life and all that has occurred was perfect for me just like my soul chose and the Big Guy intended. So, I don’t shit on my past, blame my parents for everything that is wrong in the world nor downplay hard life lessons that looking back now, although painful, were very essential. This is the essence of my coaching and what I share with people willing to learn and do the work, is that life is just as intended, you just have to remember the intention you set for yourself before you popped out!

Now I wake up every day living the life I had always imagined and knowing there is always more to come. I am a contribution to the world through my own personal strengths of showing humans what is possible with sweet and kinds words to the self and others. 


Growing up

I grew up in a small town in Southeast Texas. The livin was simple and good, I mean it was the 70’s so the music was prime, the toys were superb and it felt good to be alive. My grandparents were at our house every Sunday for after church lunch and stayed til they had just enough light to drive home. My father was a quiet man but said a lot even when he didn’t speak. My mother was a school teacher and eventually principal, so she spoke a whole LOT and made up for any quieter people in the house!! lol

I was a weird kid, ADHD of the finest order, so I’m sure you could always find me talking to a tree or bouncing around somewhere. I never really felt like my mental concepts fit with my age group. Instead of going to the beach as a teenager I volunteered at our local State Center for the Impaired. Making people feel understood and seen started at a very early age, I knew it was my calling and it filled me with a sense of purpose that to this day is unmatched.

the webb of life

The 80’s and 90’s provided those lessons that you never see coming but you embrace them anyway because they are magical. I became a mother during my Senior year of High School. Meagan (aka Frankie) was the most unexpected pleasure! She enriched my life more than I could have imagined and taught me more than anyone I know. The 90’s were filled with those lessons that will turn you inside and out and back again but create resilience that is forever present. In addition, to providing incredible coaching material for my future business!  


Life Lessons



The 2000’s brought about essential and powerful change! I made choices I had been waiting decades to make. They made me stronger, competent and a free thinker. In 2004 I participated in a Leadership Training in Las Vegas that altered the course of my life forever. I had always known that I had a great understanding of people but the articulation piece had always alluded me up until June of 2004, Vision, Day 1! Fast forward to 2021, I am a whole person, mother, partner and human. I have realized dreams and loves that I never thought possible. I have pushed myself to grow a business with a message that matters to me and the people that I serve. 

making a difference matters