"This is what I learned from him, that all things truly can be forgiven."

To date the power of forgiveness seems to be my greatest strength. My dad always talked to me about it and how if you didn’t forgive others you were just hurting you. It seriously did not make sense for quite some time but when it did it became an integrated practice, noticing the plight of another and what I couldn’t see with my eyes, but only my heart. I had no idea what a gift he was giving me at the time but I know it now. I always forgive and stay on my side of the street so everyday that makes me FREE. I’m not sayin I always get it right but I definitely get it when it matters the most. Teaching this to everyone I encounter is a moment to moment ambition.

The position of non-judgment and consideration gives us the power to forgive, calm the hell down and hopefully break bread together. This is what I learned from him, that all things truly can be forgiven. You might not be able to stand next to the person again who hurt you, but you stand with yourself and the version of you that doesn’t give your power away and react to nonsense….. I never realized THAT was the true lesson all along! Smart guy, talking about forgiveness knowing ultimately that it gives the self the knowledge of love and power through a completely different sight! What a set of eyes those are!