There is a part of you that I will be able to connect with and see, see past the viewfinder that you have of yourself. I create a space of safety and non-judgement. I will hold your heart and your words as sacred, I will see your heights and your limits, and then ultimately your perfection as it was intended for you. What needs to come to the surface for your highest purpose will come if your truly willing to venture. Knowledge is power and when wielded in the path of humble exposure it can bring new breathe and a trust that all is not lost and your not crazy 😊 I will not always get everything right nor consistently have answers that you seek but we will look for them together. I won’t always tell you what you want to hear but I will show you what your higher self is attempting to have you notice. Comfortable or not, if you want the powerful version of yourself, step up and be counted. 


Creating Relationship